Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Value of My Service

I was working with "Cathy" again this week. I have been helping her sort through her boxes of items she has accumulated in her lifetime.

This BEFORE picture shows one of her three closets we worked on cleaning up.
I worked in 2 hour blocks of time with Cathy and have made 5 visits. Each visit I left her apartment with 1 bag for the trash, 1 bag for donations and 1 bag to be shredded.
(my boys had fun shredding
.....I love child labor!)

This is the closet AFTER our work. Many of her clothes did not fit or were quite worn. I helped Cathy consolidate her travel brochures from across the USA and labeled the boxes. Cathy and I sorted through all the "stuff" on the floor of the closet. In doing so, I made a discovery.....$80,000 in US Savings Bonds! Cathy had no idea these were there. She was beside herself and incredibly thankful for my service.

I have one more visit with Cathy and my work should be done. She is delighted. I am proud of her for letting go of sooooo many things. She will have invested nearly $450 in my services. In the end, she came across $80,0000 in bonds, but more importantly she told me her apartment is "finally feeling like a home."

I feel FANTASTIC for making Cathy feel good about her home.

Cathy, It has been my pleasure helping you.

How valuable is your business to your clients/customers?

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Debby said...

Wow, Angie, those pictures certainly demonstrate your talent for working miracles.

The value I think the Certified Networker course adds to people's lives is that they gain a dose of confidence focusing on the fact that they now know the "right" way to network. They now reach out to help others, because it is just the right thing to do. Yeah!