Sunday, November 05, 2006

Workin' through the "pain"

Well, I did not let a broken finger slow me down this week. I probably should, but those that know me understand I have to be pinned down to stop living and having fun. I had a few different clients this week, which makes my job so much fun!

I worked more with "Cathy" helping her sort through photo albums, scrapbooks and, yes, more papers.

I helped a woman get some pictures and mirrors hung in her home that she moved into 4 months ago. I guess her husband thought what I did was "cool" because he didn't have to do it....hey, it was my pleasure to help.

Another client was a man whose wife died last winter. I came to help him throw out some old kitchen items. We also sorted through items in his pole barn so he can get a car inside for winter.

This is the BEFORE shot. He has a ton of space just need to get rid of things not used or broken, and find a better spot for the remainder items to use the pole barn for storing his car.

This AFTER picture shows the area cleaned up. Ready for his car to be stored for the winter. The shelving (covered by the brown tarp) is used much for efficiently, with a system so he can find something. finger still hurts a bit every night. My mom still gives me a daily lecture for doing too much. People just laugh when they notice my broken middle finger, so why should I not be out doing what I am doing? I'm having too much fun!!

Is there anything that slows you down in your business?

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