Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Helping those in need

I have not made one cent....nothing....nada....zlich this week.

I did have a consult with Margaret.

Margaret saw my ad in Mature Living News Magazine (no website....I need to talk to them). She said she was "desperate" for help with her home organization.

"It would be my pleasure to help you," I stated.

We set up a date and time. Then she gave me her address. Which then gave me the idea she might not be able to afford my services. When I showed up to her home, I was certain she could not. I did not let that sway my intent to help Margaret.

I met with her for about 45 minutes. Walked through the two floors of her home and gave some suggestions and tips along the way. Chatted with her mom, Mary, for a bit. Even joked around and talked turkey (well, Thanksgiving is next week).

As I left, Margaret was so thankful I took the time to help her with some ideas. Mary smiled and wished me a beautiful day. I felt good.

Now, should I have stated my fees up front? Did I waste my time? Why did I bother with this consult?

I had a very good idea that nothing (no income) was going to come from this consult. I went along with it anyway because I knew I could help this woman. And I did. She was thankful.

Margaret, It truly was my pleasure helping you.

When was the last time you helped someone just because you could?

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Anonymous said...

What an act of kindness, Angie. Ev eryday we get to help someone just because we can. With each person we come in contact we have a basic choice. We can interact with them or we cannot. When we choose to engage the person in conversation, the opportunity to help is there for us to seize. It might be a simple smile or a warm hello or it might be a listening ear. What we do and say has a ripple effect. I have the attitude that I can influence another human being - make a dynamic impact. Help.

Angie, your act of kindness made a difference. It may have been a moment in time; it may not have brought money to your pocket; however, it was a precious moment that touched another human being for the good and just perhaps was passed on to others the rest of the day. Thank you for caring and making the world a better place.