Thursday, November 30, 2006

Office Rescue 911

Life is crazy and busy. A home office, whether an area in the corner of the kitchen or a separate room in the home, is becoming essential. People use a home office for many different functions: paying bills, planning a vacation, reading news, playing games, listening to music, buying Christmas presents, doing homework, running a business, keeping in touch with friends, blogging with strangers (umm....hi there), etc.....

My latest client, "Lisa", wanted some help with her home office. These before pictures show how her office looked at the consult appointment. One of the first things I saw, the computer on top of the desk. Not only does this take up space, but it is noisy. Other things I noticed, she had plenty of great shelves and literature sorters.

When I arrived to start the project, Lisa did do a great job "jump starting" our work by getting some of her desk cleared off and she had garbage bag half full (Excellent!).

The first task was disconnecting the computer and moving it under the desk with the router and all the wires/cables. Then started pulling out all the literature in the sorters and consolidating the current and tossing the old. We moved to the wall of shelves then on to the file cabinets and desktop. "Wow! Throwing stuff away is fun," Lisa stated. Four hours later the after pictures show the change.

I am quite proud of Lisa for throwing away all that she did. She is delighted with her office and loves the room again. I will be following up with Lisa to make sure she keeps up all the work we put into her office.

Lisa, It was my pleasure working with you.

Who are you proud of this week?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
"Lisa" here, from my newly organized office. I LOVE IT!!! I am still amazed at what you can do. I have been telling everyone about you,and already have one qualified referral for you! I think you might be my Christmas present this year! My husband was so impressed. You are amazing! Thanks again!