Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Card Challenge

My 39th birthday is fast approaching, March 5th.
I'm sooooo excited!!
Two cards came in the mail today. (yeah!)

I LOVE my birthday!

In fact, I attempt to stretch the celebrations out at least the week. I kinda feel like a month long of festivites would be OK, too. Definitely next year!

Birthdays are the one day of the year that should be yours,
why not embrace it?

Last year, I came up with this crazy idea to see how many Birthday cards I might receive.(click here)

Ended up getting 19 cards last year, pretty awesome.
...... though it's a new year now.

How many cards will I get this year?

Send them to:
Angie Weid
1485 Stonegate Court
Temperance, MI 48182

I'll let you know how many I get.

What do you think this year's total will be?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday...almost two months older than me! ha...hmmmm....25? just an basis....LOL

Anonymous said...

I am going to find you an extra special card for you this year.

SOUL said...

holy cow-- 19????
i don't that many CHRISTMAS cards--
oh uhhh, perhaps because i don't know 19 people??
party on!!!

and happy thursday too!

SOUL said...

you make like four march bdays i know of... hmmm.
must be pretty happy people in june??? :))

btw-- aren't you worried, puttin your addy on here?
i hope it's a business address. just sayin.

anyhow-- do have a good day-

oh and my guess?