Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Secret Valentine

I feel so special!
My secret valentine sent me this card:

Inside is written:
"Never let it rest ... Until your good is better
and your better is the best.

Congratulations on your price increase!"

Secret Valentine, Thank you for making me smile.
Damn! You're support propells me to reach higher.
You ROCK!!!!

I truly feel so wonderful on all levels: health, family, friends, personal, business (yep, my rates are going up because I am worth more).
This card is going to sit out for some time before being placed into my "Feel Goods" folder.

How has someone encouraged you to reach higher?


SOUL said...

ummmm ummmmmm uhhhhhh i'll get back to you on that k

happy valentines day though.


nice card.

Angie Weid said...

Soul-Happy Valentine's Day to you too!! How's that pink eye doing? My son had is a couple weeks ago.