Friday, February 01, 2008

Thank you Universe

It has been a good, crazy, busy week. Every day seems there was a cancellation, delay or some other change in plans. Though just as the change happenned, something extremely positive came about. Guess the universe is lined up for me....and I'm lovin' it!

Twice this week, I finished a bit early with a client and ended up having another client fill the open time. Awesome!

Yesterday I assembled a lateral file cabinet for Joani. She called me just as I was finishing lunch and wondering, "should I head home or stop at TJ Maxx?" Turns out I was right around the corner from Joani's salon, so I zipped over to help her out. Spread all the parts in a back waiting area of the salon (good thing no one was waiting for a massage).

My tools are nearly always in my car, never know when I'm gonna need my hammerdrill and stud finder. For this project, all that was needed was a Phillips screwdriver and a hammer. The assembly was a success! Joani's cabinet is ready to be filled with her files and reference books.

Today is a school snow day, bonus time with my boys. Hopefully the snow is packing so we can build a snow fortress!

Thank you universe for throwing me some awesome vibes.
Seems like I am on top of the world and every day gets better.

Who do you need to thank?

1 comment:

SOUL said...

you snow people freak me out--- i haven't been thankful for a snow day since i was FIVE!

who do i need to thank?
hmmm... probably a lot more people than my grouchy self is aware of these days.

i take that back-- hubby took the kid and three friends to a concert last night-- i know that would made me jump offa building..
so thank you soulman!!