Thursday, February 21, 2008

Loving Yourself Naked

One of my Bloggin' Friends, Louise, posted about women loving their bodies as they are.

Louise purchased a National Enquire magazine because she was upset about how they critized celebrity women for gaining weight, calling them fat and losers. (Funny how you never see pictures of the editors or writers)

How to Look Good Naked is a great program that show women how great and sexy they truly are.

It is the women's self perception that is low ... and the media loves to push it down lower.

The majority of my clients are women.
So, I wanted to share this with you.

Stop thinking you need to be a size ___,
and BE happy with who you are.

I've been a woman who was told I was fat and stupid, and I believed it. When I realized I am intelligent and attractive, boy, did the world of happiness open up to me.

To follow Louise's challenge.

Give us 10 things you LOVE about your body.

Here's my ten:
1. My eyes -beautiful, deep brown
2. My smile -bright
3. My feet -plain cute
4. My lips -people pay for my lips
5. My curves -love my shape
6. My tummy -toned tummy
7. My legs - strong & short
8. My skin -baby soft
9. My muscles -strong as a tank
10. My brain -proud to say I'm pretty damn smart

What 10 things do you love about your body?


Anonymous said...

I just saw this show for the first time and love it. Way to go Carson!

Louise Kahle said...

Thanks for continuing with this, Angie. Check out my blog today.
The sickness goes on.

SOUL said...

just sayin howdy--- :)) hope your weekend is a good one...

not really feelin the love right now-- i'll get back to you on the list another time :))

(my body just didn't look too appealing in ANY way last night :))