Monday, February 18, 2008

Bed Thwacking

Came across this bizarre, yet quite interesting article, in a Space Clearing newsletter I received. The article was about how to clear energy imprints in hotel beds, which led to an article about clearing up your own bed's energy.

Bed Thwacking (it just sounds fun):
To thwack your bed, you’ll need an object such as baseball bat. Something to beat your matress with force. Drag the mattress outside the house if you can, but if this isn’t possible just open a window, peel back the bedcovers (this is my choice, less work), and start thwacking it with the bat, or other hard object, vibrating the energies out. When you’ve done one side, flip the mattress and do the other side.

The warning is that loads of stuff will come out. You’ll see dust flying around and there will also be energies you can’t see. So if you do this indoors, don’t stay in the room afterwards. Leave the window open so there is some circulation of air, and come back a few hours later after the dust and other energies have settled. Do a quick once-round with a vacuum cleaner and that’s it.

I have always found when I beat the crap out of something I feel better. Yelling in my car while driving down the road at 65+mph with the radio blaring is therapeutic, too....uh, did I say that out loud?

Your energy imprints must be the reason getting home after a trip and sleeping in your own bed feels so wonderful. I've done energy clearings in my own homes and they are powerful.

I'm gonna do some bed thwacking ... besides it's been awhile since I've beat the crap out of something.

What would you like to thwack?


Anonymous said...

I think you should thwack Nimrod upside his head for cancelling his weekend on you. Bet $1,000 he asks for "make up time" with your boys. (dumba@s)

Good to have you back!

Anonymous said...

the dumbass (oops..shouldnt say that) who gave me this cold! though we do whack our futons after sunning them on a daily / weekly basis...

SOUL said...

thwack eh?
several "nouns" at the moment.
but i will restrain myself.
happy tuesday!

Louise Kahle said...

The mothers that I will write about on my blog tomorrow!