Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Choice is Yours

There are a lot of great excuses out there for every part of our lives. Remember though, excuses are like assholes; everyone's got one. And I've heard them all from people as to why they can't be organized.

This list was found and I modified it a bit. You owe it to yourself to be organized. Here's some responses to some great excuses for not being organized.

I Can't Organize Today Because...
1) I don't know where to start. Pick a corner, shelf or spot and go! Organizing or being organized is a way of life. It's not an event with a beginning and an end. It's an ongoing process that will help change your life and the way you see it. You can jump in anywhere.

2) The kids are home. Perfect! Take the opportunity to teach your children valuable lessons and habits that they can carry with them through life. Kids thrive on organization, look at how their school classroom functions. If you give kids specific locations or directions, they will get the job done. You getting organized will benefit your entire household.

3) I don't have the money. Organizing requires no money to get started. You simply need to pick a project and start. Running out and purchase a bunch of pretty boxes or containers are useless before you have taken the important first steps of purging your no longer needed belongings and coming up with a plan for the stuff that will remain.

4) It will take too long. If you have just five minutes, you can begin to organize. Here's a list of 10 minute tasks. Example: Clean out your medicine cabinet. Get rid of old makeup, expired medicine and toiletries you haven't used in months (umm ...... years?). Taking 5-10 minutes a day will add up to hours quickly.

5) It's too overwhelming. Take baby steps. Don't make the project too big. You can break your organizing project into small manageable pieces. Instead of cleaning out your whole closet at once, decide to just go through your purses or shoes. Then the following day or the next time you have a chance, you can move on to another phase.

6) I like all of my things and do not want to get rid of anything! Very often you are so controlled by our emotions that you fail to realize that you are holding on to things that have outlived their usefulness. Once you take the items as simply items and not the memories that you associate with them, it can be very easy to let the item itself go. Remember if you are not honoring the memories of an item, why are you keeping the item? By getting rid of the item you are not getting rid of the memories. You will always have those.

7) I'm afraid to do it wrong! You know your stuff, you're not going to do it wrong. Don't try, Just do it. If you organize your closet and find out you want your belts to the left of the pants, then make the change. It's OK. Being willing to adapt and make changes as you implement your organizing efforts is an important part. There is no right or wrong way to organize.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't,
you are usually right."

-Henry Ford

The choice is completely yours.

What can you get organized today?


Cheryl Engfer said...

I love that 1st paragraph! I laughed out loud and man it was early!!! So just eliminate that part from my comment on "the dumping ground".

You are so right, no more excuses!!!!!! Live your life organized, just do it!

SOUL said...

can i choose to take a nap before i get organized?

can i go fishing after my nap--and then get organized?

can i get organized tomorrow?

or how bout in the spring?

or umm... how bout next year?

oh nevermind.

i'll start with the nap--and take it from there.


ya know--- i still chuckle when i think of grippy toes-- and no-- it's NOT often.. but it happens.

Angie Weid said...

@Cheryl - hopefully nothing shot out your nose from laughter.

@Soul - You crack me up. Glad my grippy toes can make you chuckle. Hang in there babe, I believe you will pull through.

SOUL said...

quick.. pass me a grippy toe!!!

or maybe a nim-rod

who the H---
names a child that???

i'll stop