Friday, June 29, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

I have been challenged by a fellow blogger, JYankee, to come up with some facts about me.

So, let's just jump into this:

#1: I hated kindergarten.
I would cry about going to school. I don't know why I hated school, I just did. My mom tells the story how I would have my feet and hands on either side of the door to the bus. She would be pushing me and the driver was pulling me onto the bus.

#2: I grew up in a mobile home.
You have no idea how embarrassing it was. No one ever teased me about it (except my ex husband). Though I knew how I was viewed. I had a great home and a wonderful neighborhood. No, this is not a picture of my home.

#3: I have been to the lowest point on Earth.
I have swam in The Dead Sea. I have a picture of me sitting with my legs crossed, floating in the water. It was crazy! Then I covered my entire body in the black mud, let it dry and showered off. My skin felt so soft.

#4: I have pulled off some great
practical jokes.

-Blacking out a computer monitor screen with an overhead.
-Signing up someone for a Jehovah Witness visit at 6 am.
-Swapping all the keys on a keyboard.
-Taking all the light bulbs out of our apartment before a college roommate came home....oh, there are more
These may not seem great, but their impact at the time was huge.

#5: I am afraid of the dark.
When I was a kid, I was certain there was an alligator under my bed. I would LEAP out of my bed if nature called in the middle of the night. Today, I cannot go into a haunted house. Even though Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (I know weird).

#6: I'm afraid of needles, too.
My body just freaks out around them: cold sweat, pounding heart, clammy palms, forgetting to breathe. When I had cancer, you'd think I would have gotten over it. My boys immunizations are tough for me to go through. At least my fear did not get worse. No tattoos for me. I would like to be able to donate blood.

#7: I'm really not all there.
One permanent tooth never grew, tonsils gone, a few lymph nodes biopsied, gallbladder extracted, complete hysterectomy and I am certain I have lost several braincells along the way.

#8: I can only print when I write.
When I was in 7th grade, Miss Bumpus was my Language Arts teacher. (Never understood the difference between Language Arts and English, but I digress) She was ruthless with my handwriting. Everything had to be in "cursive" and I did not make my R's quite perfect enough for her. My homework would be riddled with little circles around all my imperfect R's, papers graded with an "F." Aaaaahh!!
Ever since, I print everything.

That's it. 8 random facts about me.
Now, as I understand it, I must tag 8 people.
1. Leasa
2. Debby
3. Sandy
4. Scott
5. Louise
6. Tracee
7. Pud
8. Debra

Play along if you wish. Just remember what happened to the kid in the neighborhood who never wanted to be "it" and ran home crying when he was "it."

Wanna play? Give me 3 random facts about you?


Anonymous said...

Good going Angie!! And your 8 random facts included photos!!! I couldn't be bothered.... Thanks for not ruining FB's Karma.

Anonymous said...

I accept your challenge: Since you were so honest, I'll do the same:

1. I had a horrible complexion from age ten through sixteen or seventeen. I was popular before that and then I was called "pimples." It almost makes me sick to relate this to you now.

2. I have cheated on my husband with at least 200 men.

3. I also like practical jokes.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

Check out my blog, angie - I have accepted your challenge.

Anonymous said...

I goofed: