Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Windsurfing and Steely Dan....What is next?

The universe is lining up for me lately.
It's crazy. And I am LOVIN' IT!!

Saturday I went out to Maumee Bay State Park for a bike ride and chillin' on the beach. Turns out there was a windsurfing competition going on which was fun. I came home with a board and two sails and it did not cost me a penny. The guy said someone gave him his first board. I have sailed a few times, loved it! Now a few more pieces and I will be mastering it this summer.

Now last night, my friend Kim and I had plans to go to the Steely Dan concert at the Toledo Zoo.

We did NOT have tickets to this sold out show at 5pm, but we had every intention of being at the show.

This is how we acquired tickets the day of the show:

-I had called Jennifer at the Toledo Free Press referring Kim to her for advertising.
-Jennifer called Kim to set up a meeting.
-Kim mentioned to Jennifer our intentions to go to the concert though no tickets.
-Jennifer has a friend with TWO EXTRA tickets!!
-Kim calls the friend and the tickets became ours at 6pm.
-We go to the show and stand along the side aisle.
(I had to be able to dance)

-Some guy walks up to us, we chat, he ends up offering
his two seats in the 7th row!

We went from NO tickets to 7th row tickets in 3 hours! WOW!!

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

What is your serendipitous tale?


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

Hey, Ang, what did you have to do for those 7th row tickets?


Angie Weid said...

Between you and me,

I just flashed my deep brown eyes, gave a nice big hug and said 'Thank You.'

Shari said...

You have to know the right people, huh? That's how you got tickets. Cool. Hope it's fun in the seventh row.

I should do some windsurfing. It's been so windy here lately. LOL

Angie Weid said...


The guy was a complete stranger. Just was passing us in the aisle, our dancing caught his attention.