Friday, June 08, 2007

Sex?? (Part 2)

Way back in January (click here),
I wrote about a statistic I had learned:

IKEA's customer survey found
that 31% of people said:

"They were more satisfied after cleaning out their closets than they were with sex."

When working with my clients, I attempt to mention this statistic.
I am nearly always able to work into our conversation.

"Survey says!"

Well, Organized Solutions has done a customer survey.
I am pleased to announce that more than 80 percent of my customers agree that getting their home and offices organized is more satisfying than sex.

IKEA may have polled a few more people.
The people I asked did not know I was polling them.
I am still baffled by the beauty of this statistic.

BOTTOM LINE: Organized Solutions helps people feel better about their Homes and Offices.

....Did I mention I can help people feel better than sex???
C'mon, your smiling and laughing with me.


Gabe S. said...

ok, number one, how many of IKEA's customers were teenagers? I bet not a whole lot, because for me and the rest of us "kid adults," that statement so sooooooo FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (whell acually i never clean out my closet so wouldnt know)
but i have to say that u can help people feel better than sex, such as when when putting together huge styrofoam lego bricks! =) (THAT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!) cant believe its already been a year :( (tear!)

Angie Weid said...

We had a blast with the Lock-Blocks! Sad a year has past (sniff)since we were all together.

Louise Kahle said...

OK, sex. probably the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. Did I say PROBABLY?
That said, you have to admit it is a fleeting sensation - until you do it again.
Now closets on the other hand, once they have been cleaned and organized, give you a wonderful feeling each time you open the door.
And, you only have to get sweaty once.