Thursday, June 28, 2007

Everything in Its Place

Having a home office has become almost a standard today. I really am not sure why, but nearly every home has at least a home office area set up.

I remember growing up, every month my dad would sit down at the kitchen table with this metal box and pay all the bills and balance the checkbook in one night.

I guess now, the computer has taken over the role of that metal box.

Add in the many home based businesses today, and having an organized home office is a necessity.

That is where I come in.....

Judy has an area set up in her home for taking care of the household bills, as well as, helping a family member with the paperwork of that business. She felt the area was "out of control."

Stacks of papers on a folding table in her living room, tables with more papers in the middle of the living room, and a projection TV that can't be used with all those tables everywhere. Things just seemed everywhere for Judy, with nothing put away.

So, I proposed bringing in an unused file cabinet Judy had into the living room. All the papers on the folding table were either placed into the cabinet or pitched. Along with papers and items on the other tables and desk.

Judy's dog and cat seemed to find the living room a more inviting place to hang out. It has been quite a while since she watched a movie in her living room. Perhaps tonight, Judy will do just that.

I am so glad I was able to help Judy feel better about her home.

What area of your home do you need organized?


Anonymous said...

EVERYWHERE, of course! You'd better hurry on over...

Epimenides said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Greece...SOON! :)

Anonymous said...

Great advise... I was glad to discover your site. I'll add you to my next organizing blogroll update.

- John