Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chatting with Men

I have done many presentations. Some educating potential referral sources about what I do. Some talking to potential clients about how they can organize their home.
Today, I was in Monroe, MI talking to some of the residents at Marian Place an independent apartment living facility for senior citizens. I toured one of their rooms and spoke for about 20 minutes, suggesting some steps to organize their apartment.

When I walked into the room, I was a bit nervous.
Not because of speaking.

Because there were 15 men and only 2 women?!

The majority of my clients are women.
When I speak, women are those present.
(maybe a man was dragged along with his wife)

First thing I thought--Uh Oh! This is going to be different.

Then, I remembered some points from Jeffrey Gitomer's "Little Green Book of Getting Your Way." (great little book for any presenter)

Started chatting up "the boys" prior to starting my presentation.

Man, we had some fun talking about getting their apartments organized.

It was one of my best presentations.

I will be back there next week helping one of the men and another one next month.

How do you handle a surprise in your audience?


Debby said...

Angie, I can remember just at the beginning of this year, when your goal was to give presentations and you were a little nervous because you hadn't done any yet. Look at you, taking the crowd by the....well you know what I mean!

Angie Weid said...

Thank you Debby.

It has been an amazing year and it keeps getting better.