Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Random Thoughts

It's summer time.

Tough to work when we have beautiful sunny days.

My mind starts thinking..........

1. Can a woman with a double mastecomy go shirtless?

2. If you don't have integrity, what do you have?

3. Pedicures ROCK!!

4. I can do anything.

5. You don't have to be powerful or well-known to make a difference.

6. If swimming is such great exercise, what's up with whales?

7. You just can't hang up on people like you use to with a cell phone.

8. Everything matters.

9. I need to call my roommates from college.

10. How does each of my boys eat twice the amount of food I eat?

11. I don't know what my boys are doing in the basement. Sounds like they are having fun.

12. I wonder what ever became of my first childhood friend, Ricky Matthews?

13. Rock The Block is going to be a blast tonight!

14. Water fights are fun.

15. I need to go play with my boys.

Get outside today.

Have some fun!


Anonymous said...

I think a woman with a double mastectomy could go topless without a problem since it's really the nipple that matters most to the law (I have no idea why they give a crap). But here's a public service announcement...If you go shirtless should always put on plenty of sunscreen!

You can't hang up on cell phones like you used to, but accidentally losing the clown on the other end is so much easier..."oh sorry, my signal dropped out and didn't come back all day."

Okay, okay, I'm going outside to have a water fight right now. Who knows? I might even get around to washing my car. ;)

Anonymous said...

A bit late, but I'll add.

The mastectomy thing, if it really is the nipple that matters, then why do GUYS have no problem with going topless? They DO have nipples as well, don't they? (At least last time I checked...)

Yes, you give the phone a good ole' hang up, but you can blame being unreachable due to antenna problems... etc....

If you're kids are quiet, you know they're up to something...! If you can hear they're having fun... then they're still ok.

PS. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Like I said, it's nice to know people are out there reading it.