Sunday, June 24, 2007

Long Distance Help

From Charlottesville, Virgina to Sylvania, Ohio there is 554 miles, nearly 8.5 hours driving--one way.

My client, Joanie, lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her mother's home is in Sylvania, Ohio. The home Joanie grew up in. Joanie's mother recently passed away and left her with a home filled with 50+ years of items and memories.

The task at hand is huge. Selecting items to take to Charlottesville, some to a nephew for his new apartment, others to donate, maybe sell some items and, finally, those many items to be trashed.

Prior to Joanie's return to Toledo for this project, boxes were collected and placed in the garage. I have helped Joanie make contacts with a moving company, estate sale company, a resale store, a real estate agent and a home repair individual. Also, recommended some great places to eat in the Toledo area.

"Angie, without your knowledge of the people I need, I don't know how I would accomplish this task."

I have spent two days working with Joanie with one more day scheduled before she returns to Charlottesville, Virginia. The house will not be cleared. Everything to be moved will be tagged, items for resale are in two closets, items for donation are in the garage to one side and the trash in another area.

Joanie and her friend, Rose, have spend nearly a week working clearing out this home. One thing they both have come to understand: We all have too much stuff.

We all need to be concious of this fact.
We all need to go home get a bag and remove the items we are not using.

What did you gather from your home and remove?


Anonymous said...

I am different from my family in that MIL NEVER throws anything away....H is the same....but better than mom! I usually wait till MIL goes out on a day trip or an overniter.... sneak around and throw stuff out. She always knows it's me though... LOL! Most of the time it's painless stuff, magazines that are over a month old... and stuff like that. My usual motto is "if I haven't seen it for over half a yeaar, probably don't need it...."

Tracee Swank, Coach said...

We just had unlimited pick up in our village this weekend. There were a lot of things that went to the curb from our house. Most items were things that were left in the basement and attic from the previous owners of our home. However, I did manage to pry some things out of my husband's hands that needed to go!

Anonymous said...

6 SUV loads to Goodwill -- so far! We have more work to do, Ang! ;)