Monday, June 11, 2007

Neighborhood Roosters

Today around 6:30am, I was brought quickly out of my slumber (likely with the rest of the neighborhood) by Jacob screaming his head off,

Then there was silence.

The wonderful summer tradition of sleeping in a tent in our backyard began last night.

As the boys came into our home, I was still upstairs in bed attempting to wake up from the early morning screaming roosters.

This is what I heard:

Jacob: You know that game we were playing in the tent.
Matthew: Yeah.
Jacob: Let's go play that again.
Matthew: No.
Jacob: Why not?
Matthew: Because you stepped on my eye.
Jacob: Well, in the NEW game, I won't step on your eye.

I busted out laughing!
I could not stop.

What a FANTASTIC way to start off the day!

I will take an early morning wake up call, if I laugh to tears before I get out of bed.

What are your summer traditions?

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Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

Let me set the scene - early in the week, any week, I say to my husband (several times) - "We have no plans Sunday, right? OK - I want to sleep in (my favorite all-time vice) and then I want to do nothing all day except lie around the pool and do nothing."

Whether I pull it off or not, that is a summer tradition that I can (and plan to) do forever.