Saturday, April 14, 2007

Organizer Gets Organized

(Warning I need to vent a bit)
Well, My boys are suppose to be with their Father this weekend. They are with me. Rather than go into the pathetic story that every other single mom can relate to, let's just say my weekend plans had to change again due to self-centerness.

(Thank you for letting me vent)

ANY WAY.....Turning a negative situtation to a positive.

I cleaned out my closets today.

Yep, even I, a professional organizer, accumulate stuff. And I will admit, my desk clutter can get out of control, too.

So, today I took sometime and went through my closets and dresser drawers. It felt good to get rid of some old clothes, items I loved but were stained and should not be worn again.
Why did I have my shoes from my wedding still?
And a dress ruined at a dry cleaner?

Hey, I had a great day today! Spent some extra time with my boys, bagged clothes for donation, and fun family plans for tomorrow.

How have you taken care of yourself with your business?

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