Friday, April 13, 2007

Everybody Remain Calm

Back from vacation, and I feel FANTASTIC!!

...bit of a worry in the beginning though.

The setting
4:00 am -- Easter Sunday, about 250+ people waiting to check-in, and no one is at the airline counters, the international flight is scheduled to leave at 6 am.
4:15 am -- Staff shows up, the first people take 20 minutes to check into the flight, and they do not look happy.
4:45 am -- Thankfully I was very near the front of the line, rumors are heard the flight is cancelled (people are getting upset).
5:15 am -- My turn to approach the counter. I saw how everyone was reacting and treating the airline staff.
Giv'em some positive attitude baby!

Me (smiling): Hello Brad, crappy day today.
Brad: Oh man, I got a text message the way into work. I thought about just going home.
Me: Well, I am glad you are here to help me get to Mexico, and I would be delighted if I got there the quickest way possible.
Brad: We have a flight leaving at 6pm that gets in at 10pm
Me(smiling): Brad, What are my other options? I believe there must be alternatives.
Brad (speaking softly): Well, I have a 7 am to Fort Lauderdale then onto Cancun arriving at 1pm
Me (BEAMING): Brad, you have just made me very happy! Can you get me on that flight?
Brad: Should be no problem.
Me(still beaming): You know I'll take a first class seat, if available.
Brad: You got it!
Me (now GLOWING): Brad, Thank you! You have one hell of a day ahead. You have made me feel fantastic. Best of luck.

I was on the beach by 1:30pm looking at this
with drinks (yes, drinks) in hand.

Positive attitude always prevails!

Now I just have to get back to work mode by Monday.....

How have you turned a negative to positive?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, two-fisted-drinkin-sistah! Welcome back!!!