Thursday, April 26, 2007

Basement Treasures, part 2

Oh the treasures you can find, when opening boxes.

Now in the first post, I found
"The Magic of Your Table Saw." (hilarious)

And the laughs continued today. Leasa Maxx, owner of Maxx Grafx, found many interesting items in her basement boxes including her very first cellphone.

Our goal was to get her basement in order.

These BEFORE pictures show the task that was ahead for us. A "catch all" area for stuff with too much stuff, a family play area and a storage/business supply/everything else area. There is a workout and music "jammin'" area, but that area is where we set the items for her husband to sort through (and he has a bit of work to do). So, perhaps we can show that picture on another post.

Well, 3 trips to the Goodwill with 2 truck loads each, numerous bags & boxes for trash, many lost memories revisited, and some fantastic treasures found. (don't forget all the laughs, too)

We reached the AFTER photos phase of this project.

After all the sorting through many boxes, old toys, college notebooks & text books, household items no longer of use and "Why do I still have this?", we came up with a great kid's play area and a business supply area, too.

Leasa, It was my pleasure helping you get your basement under control. And thank you for all the laughs!!

What interesting item have you found in your home?

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Anonymous said...

I should mention, the phone weighs, like, 3 pounds! No exaggeration!

Who knew organizing my basement with a rocket scientist/rockin' mom/adventurous Angie could be so MUCH fun!!! Oh the laughs we have!

Thanks Angie, for bringing sanity to my basement!