Sunday, April 29, 2007

Working with a Spinning Wheel

Julia moved into her apartment a few months ago and still has not quite found a spot for all of her things. Specifically, her craft room. She loves to knit and has made some beautiful items. Even uses a spinning wheel, alas no floor space to use it. Julia also sketches, embroiders, sews, and quilts. She is an organized person, but when a room gets out of control sometimes a little help goes a long way.

These BEFORE pics show the room to be organized. I immediately thought of using these great stackable storage units. Reasonably priced, no holes in walls required (remember this is an apartment), and perfect for all the different crafts.

Julia went out and picked out the cabinets she liked and started to assemble them. (yeah, I love when clients get a jump on the project). We moved the cabinets into the room and started to find homes for all the items. Even placed her stuffed animals around so they can keep her company while she knits, or sketches, or paints.

Slowly the room came together and the floor was found. The goal of getting the spinning wheel onto the floor was achieved. Julia was most excited about finding a spot in her cabinets for all her candles.

There was also a closet in the room that was not optimizing the space. We could not install shelving (remember apartment), so we moved the shelving Julia had into the closet. It worked GREAT! She can now find all her supplies quickly.

Julia, it has been my pleasure helping you get organized.

What unusual item have you worked with in your business?

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