Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bikin' with Jacob

My youngest son and I went biking today.

It was amazing to get him on the trails.

He had an incredible wipe out.

Going down a hill, Jacob hit some sand, too much brake---Down he went. Rolled over, bike flipped, big 'ol scrap on his elbow,
"Mom, I even banged my head on the ground."

Wiping out just like mom (tears in eyes, sniff), I'm so proud of him! He jumped back on his bike and rode on.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.....I'll get back to business posts.

My boys are #1 in my life.

We just have some good stuff going on right now.

What have you done fun with your kids?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it. You're a cool Mom, Angie!

My hubby took our Jacob to the river yesterday afternoon for some late Walleye/early White Bass fishin'. (He also sprang him from school early to do this! Now, that's way cool.)

Long story short: no walleye; some small white bass...then Jacob caught a 5 lb. carp. Jake was so taken with his catch he wants to have it mounted!! ;)