Friday, April 06, 2007

My List

I found something the other day.
A list I made on September 1, 2005.

I remember walking into the woods behind my home early that morning. The day was beautiful, sunny. The smell of Fall season approaching was in the air. I found a large fallen tree and climbed on top, sat down and began to write this list.

This was a pivotal day in my life. Pivotal because I remember being frustrated with my life and what was happening. "Enough was enough," I thought. Time to make a shift. So, I went into the woods with a notepad, pen and a mission to change my mindset.

This is what I wrote:
I am 36 years old, almost 36 1/2. So, in honor of becoming 36 1/2 years old. I am going to come up with a list of good, positive things I have done in my life.
  • I can walk, jump, run and climb--so many people can't or never could
  • I can read and write--seeing my son learning how makes me appreciate how difficult it is.
  • I can whistle
  • I can cook a beautiful meal--casual or formal
  • I can dance--Boy, can I have fun & not care what others think
  • I know how to laugh at myself
  • I survived elementary, jr. high and high school
  • I partied like crazy in college
  • I graduated in 4 years from Purdue University with a degree in BS AAE
  • I survived cancer
  • I have 3 engineering U.S. Patents
  • I am a good, supportive friend--faithful and true
  • I am a great mother--I adore my boys
  • I can build stick forts--really build anything
  • I can paint a room, change a faucet w/plumbing repairs, rewire a basement, install a ceiling fan, do anything in the house
  • I am good at problem solving
  • I am very organized but no how to relax
  • I am a good role model
  • I am strong--physically and mentally
  • I survived my ex-husband's affair--that was devastating
  • I can play video games
  • I can appreciate a light summer breeze
  • I can play, wrestle, chase my boys at a public park
  • I completed Air Force Officer Training camp
  • I have jumped off a 50 ft cliff into the ocean
  • I can windsurf
  • I can play the drums
  • I can play golf--longest drive winner, 350yd, I had a great bounce & roll
  • I am learning from my boys how important the simple things truly are in life
  • I can enjoy dinner at a restaurant by myself
My life has improved every moment since this day.
Take a moment and think about what YOU have accomplished in your life.
What is on your list?

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