Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The first time I heard of NOGA
I immediately thought Animal House,
"Toga, Toga, Toga!"

I thought....mmmm, I need to check this group out.

Well, NOGA is the Northwest Ohio Gerontological Association.
They describe themselves as, "a multidisciplinary professional organization that offers educational and networking opportunities to individuals in the care of older adults. "

My target market is retirees and senior citzens. I help them prepare when downsizing homes and sorting out belongings accumulated in their life. When loved one has died, I assist the family in managing the belongings of their loved one. In all cases, I help prepare items for donation, resale or for transfer to another family's home.

This month's NOGA has been kind enough to do an article on me. (click here, see page 7). There is some bio information and a short article on getting organized.

WOW!! Thank You!!

NOGA Times is a monthly newletter.
Current and past newletters are available,too (click here).

Vickie, Thank you for putting together a great article! YOU ROCK!!

Who in your networking group would you like to feature?

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