Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All in a Day's Work

I had a great day yesterday.

Though by the end, I was quite hoarse (I haven't quite kicked the laryngitis, maybe I should stop talking so much?)

I worked with one of my favorite clients, "Sara." I have helped get her kids' playroom organized, installed basement shelves, sort out her clothes and hang pictures around her home. I always have fun with Sara, she is "crazy."

Well, it was another fun day with Sara.

-Placing screens into windows

-Cleaning bugs out of the garage

-Installing a shelf in the laundry room

-Holding a ladder on a bed so my client can climb up and hang her daughter's canopy.

About that last task: Hysterical. A step ladder, balanced on a bed, Sara climbing up (If it was my home, I would have been up on the ladder. My boys know how to call 911).

Sara and I had a fun time together.
And no one got hurt.

How did you have fun with one of your favorite clients?

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