Friday, May 18, 2007

Papers, Software and Manuals.....Oh My!

When an employee leaves a professional business, generally the desk is left "as is." The business has the task of sorting through the desk filled with papers. Rather than the owner or his staff dealing with this time consuming task, I was asked to help.

I met "Brian" at Barry's Bagels a few weeks ago during a rainstorm. I was getting ready to head home, he noticed my logo on my car, I asked him to hop in and chat. He stated he has seen my ad in the Toledo Free Press and always thought about calling me. Seeing me in my car, he thought it was a sign to approach me and find out if I could help him. Brian was delighted to hear I have an engineering degree.

And today I did help Brian.

I started sorting through the 3+ boxes of papers and literature from a former employee. And ended up removing 3 boxes of papers for recycling/garbage (The guy had a bit of a 'I need to print out everything' problem).

I did find some invoices and business papers, so not everything was tossed.

Next task: Coming up with a method to organizing the business software. This is company that uses a lot of software, so this was quite a task. I went with the ever popular alphabetical method (keep things simple).

Brian felt good getting this task behind him. He was delighted at that work I had done for him, and asked me to return to help him prepare for a business location move.

It was a tedious day sorting through all the papers and CDs. It felt good to exercise my brain in that way. Guess at times I do miss the technical details of engineering work.

When was your last BRAIN workout?

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