Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Helping with a Move

Moving into a new a home can be overwhelming.

Doing it by yourself, IS overwhelming.
(I know. Except for the furniture, I moved my home myself in 2005)

Today I helped a client, "Mary," unpack from her move over the Memorial Day Weekend.

We started packing toys, games, NERF guns and books.
Then Mary was starting to feel alittle overwhelmed. She has reached her saturation point with all the toys. We did accomplish a lot, maybe we should change tasks.

"Let's work on a different area of your home," I said.

On to the office where we put away some office supplies, photo albums and other items.

Then I helped her get her china unpacked and placed into her new china hutch.

Sometimes you may just need a little bit of help with a task.
I love my job because I help people feel better about their
Home. Office. Life.

What task could you use a little help with?


Debby said...

Angie, you are so right. Moving can be overwhelming. I remember my move from Lake Orion, MI to Royal Oak, MI. I did the move as much as I could myself to save money. Of course I was working a full-time, demanding job at the same time. One night a friend arrived and said, "We're packing up the kitchen tonight." Within a half hour it was done. What they meant was no major meals for the rest of the week before the move, but that was okay. I just needed the push and the help to see through the forest.

Louise Kahle said...

With a husband who was in the Navy for 25 years, I have moved several times. It was always done by professional movers hired by the USN. Pretty much stress free.
Now, I have lived in this house longer than I have ever lived anywhere in my adult life. Talk about accumulating STUFF! Lately, I have been reading about simple abundance. I have given myself permission to get rid of a lot of the things that I have collected. They are not a part of who I am anymore. By clearing space in my home, I am making more room for energy to flow and bring in abundance!