Saturday, May 12, 2007

Office Hammock

"Mary" has a hammock in her office.

How SWEET is that!

I'm thinking maybe I should get one for my office. Chillin' in my hammock pretending I am under some palm trees near the ocean (aahh, peaceful). Though likely my boys would end up swinging in the hammock, not peaceful.

Back to Mary.

She has a great office that was not making her feel good, not to mention a hammock she could not use. So, she called me to come help her out.

When I came to start the project, Mary had got a head start in the room (I love inspiring my clients). She had put some items away--yeah! Mary had to run to the store, so I just went to work and began organizing her office. When she returned, we had a small pile of papers that needed to be sorted which most ended up in the recycle bin (good job Mary!).

What a difference in the way the room felt.
And we had some extra time to organize Mary's recipes that were stuffed in an envelope: appetizers, main dishes & desserts. We placed them in an extra 3-ring binder, ready for use in her kitchen.

Mary's office looked great, hammock was ready for use, but I think she was most pleased with getting her recipes organized.

mmmm....I may still consider a hammock in my office.

What unusual item do you have in your office?

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