Saturday, May 26, 2007

Postage Change?

OK, I just found out that the US Postage rate changed to 41 cents,
on May 14th.

Yes, today is May 26th. Hello?!

I do not watch much TV or read the newspaper, but I have the radio on in my car (though I am a channel jumper. No tunes = change channel)

How did I miss this little fact?

My mom just laughed when I asked,
"Is the price of stamps changing?"

She promised to clue me in on any major events occuring in the future.

I just bought a roll of stamps, too.
Guess I need to go buy some of those 2 cents stamps.

What event has happened with out your knowledge?

1 comment:

Holly said...

Good news. I heard was they are introducing the "forever stamp." It's a standard price stamp that will continue to be usable even after any additional price changes, without having to buy additional postage. You might look into it.
I don't personally use stamps often enough to worry about the 2 cent stamps. A bit wasteful, but I just put two 39 cent stamps on the last thing I mailed, just to save myself a trip to the post office. I still have four of those babies left. Expecting to use them by the end of summer may be ambitous.