Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Shattered to Skyrocketing

The day after an amazing 5 year old birthday party for my son, I walk into our home office bringing a cup of coffee to my husband. The birthday boy and younger brother are playing on a chair. I kiss my husband's forehead and ask him what's wrong, he seems in another world.

"I'm having an affair and want a divorce."

Blindsided in a way I would never wish on anyone. The joy of our son's birth to death of a relationship in less than a breath.

That moment has been gone from my mind for 7 years. Blocked I suppose. The events after were a whirlwind of anguish, torment and loss. My mom returned to whisk my boys away. I was in no state to care for anyone. For 2 weeks, I stared out into our backyard incapable of nothing else. No eating or drinking, sleeping was minimal. Then I got into our car and drove, not knowing where I would end up.

I sat in a hotel room in Grand Rapids with a notepad and a huge supply of pills in front of me. I began to write my raw thoughts and continued for a ridiculous number of pages 10, 20 doesn't matter anymore. After, I looked at my collection of pills and threw them against the wall and just started laughing.

No way in Hell, was anyone going to raise my boys except me. Certainly not some "filthy wench looking for a free ride," as my mother-in-law had described her.

My transformation began, returning home strong and determined to regain myself. I remember being told, "You could have such an easy life if you just look the other way." Though how easy is life when you compromise yourself? What value do I teach my boys by allowing controlling abuse to continue?

Life creates events that happen for a reason.

My story is shared to bring hope to someone out there who is struggling. As painful as your events may be at this time, when you realize the benefits it all makes it worthwhile. Yeah, we have all been low at some point and it may pretty much suck right now.

"Downward spirals are opportunities to soar, "
Angie Weid

Where are you about to skyrocket?


Anonymous said...

Well written introduction...keep going with that book. I am sorry you went through all the bull@#*^. You are definitely too strong to keep down! What stage is your rocket now?

Merri said...

Great opening. Dramatic, shocking, poignant.

You have a natural ability with words and rhythm. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You are one amazing chick. Brilliant writing. Wonder what old Nimrod thinks of it? No matter. Keep going with your stories, I wanna buy your book.

Angie Weid said...

@Melanie - Definitely past first and second stages. I'm feeling no atmospheric pressure, so I must be in my upper stages.

@Merri - Thank you.

@Anonymous - I've got 9 chapters written, plus the intro now. All in rough draft. Need to pull them together a bit more and find some publishing method. Then hit the promo circuit, sell the screen play and design my action figures (yes, I want action figures).

Anonymous said...

Powerful writing! And I'm glad you're sharing it. It will be a great inspiration to others who feel they can't go on.

Angie Weid said...

@Barbara - Thank you.