Friday, July 23, 2010

stiL esreveR ... Reverse Lists

We have all made lists at some point in our life. You may be someone who loves to make them. I know I am. There is a great satisfaction in making a list and making a big, heavy, think black line as you cross items off. It creates a sense of accomplishment.

When looking to get organized, one suggestion is to create a list of tasks you wish to complete. Though sometimes you get a little too crazy with the number of items, then you've got this monster of stuff to do. UGH!

You just can't win ...
or can you?

Set out the day to accomplish a few tasks.
Then write them down as you complete them.
Continue about your day, when you complete a task, big or small, put it on your list.

You will end up with a list of things you finished all day, rather than making a list then crossing off items (hey, there's a fraction of your energy savings there). It may not be a big change, but it might be enough to encourage you to get a bit more done throughout your day.

You don't have to walk around with a paper and pen all day long. Work at your goals and perhaps prior to having a meal, jot down the things you have accomplished. You will be surprised at all you DO throughout the day. Toss a couple 10 or 15 minute organizing projects to stay ahead of the curve, and you'll be rockin' and rollin' to organizing happiness.

What did you accomplish today?

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