Monday, July 05, 2010

Give It to Mikey ... He Takes Everything

You have control of what comes and goes into your home.

There are no reasons, excuses or exceptions.

Some of you run into the "Mikey Problem."
Remember the Life cereal commercial from the 80's?
OK, if you're younger than 30 you may have now idea what I'm talking about. Here's the commercial:

So, the "Mikey Problem" is when your mom, sister or very best friend in the whole world constantly brings stuff to your home because:
- They knew you would love it
- The deal was just too good to pass up.
- They bought it for themselves and it doesn't work in their home, but it will be perfect in yours.
... Oh, we could go on with reasons.

The thing is, YOU do not want any of it.
You've got enough stuff already, more does not make your home happier. In fact, now you have a tinge of resentment because what the hell are you gonna do with it.

Don't be Mikey and taking anything that's placed infront of you.
You've got to be strong and stop the cycle. It is your home.
Take control.

When your mom shows up with a box of amazing garage sale items, be polite and kindly tell her you appreciate her thoughtfulness, but her bringing her treasures into your home doesn't make you feel happy. (Mom's want to make their kids happy, play on the guilt if you must. Totally legal)

If she is still insists you must have her treasures (that she does not want in her home), then kindly say thank you and immediately place the items in the trunk of your car to be taken to your favorite charity.

I guarantee if you do place unwanted items promptly in your car a couple times, your cycle of unwanted items will end.

You will no longer be Mikey, the person who takes everything.

Bigger bonus: You have gained control of your home.

What's the craziest treasure in your home YOU never purchased?


Anonymous said...

This is a great post--giggle,giggle. It brings to mind a green irish shamrock guy ornament that a friend gave me. Someone gave it to her, and she thought I would like it because my husband is all Irish.

I accepted the "gift" and did not know what to do with it. my Christmas stuff was all packed away. It moved around the house, and one day I found it on the floor. The dog had chewed on it. Well, I then had an excuse to throw it away.

If you have a nice "gift" like this and have a dog, put it on the floor. Then you might be able to not feel guilty throwing it away. =)

Angie Weid said...

@Christine - Glad this post made you giggle. One of my daily goals is to make someone laugh. Though I need to thank you too. Your comment about having your dog handle your unwanted items is pretty funny, too.

Stevie said...

I love this! My Pipi does this with my mom all the time! I think the craziest thing in my home is a Fertility Vase my parents bought in Arizona (or was it New Mexico?) for a wedding gift. I absolutely love it though and it is displayed on my mantel (sp?). Things I don't like though...there were a few gifts that just don't go with a "family house" and as I'm cleaning and organizing slowly, they're being trashed since they're personalized. I hate to let them go, but it has to be done.