Friday, July 09, 2010

Professional Organizers Are ...

Helping people get organized
is like giving someone with a broken leg
the ability to run.

I believe in you.

Get out there and enjoy the day!


Stevie said...

Thanks to you, as I'm going through my things in the closet (I have two in my own bedroom, but I'm talking the walk in one), I'm actually getting rid of things.

Those friendship necklaces I haven't worn in years, finally gone. The shoes I will probably never wear again, waiting for a box to be donated (they're in a bin so Cara doesn't get into them, and if I have to use the bin for donations, so be it!), little papers I don't remember why I kept, trashed! My cake topper from my wedding, in the bin with donations. It feels amazing! Thank you Angie!

Angie Weid said...

@Stevie - My pleasure. Glad I can help you.