Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Organizing Product Not So Smart With Me

If you are someone who LOVES stacks of paper all over your desk or countertop, perhaps the PileSmart products from Pendaflex are for you.

I am not a paper piling kinda a person. Yeah, I will admit to papers on my desk, but no piles.
When working with clients I encourage them to remember:
Horizontal = Hidden
Vertical = Visable

The PileSmart Organizer Tray system will work great for you if you are a paper stacker. Nice clear, angled acrylic tray to keep your pile neat. Six colorful, thick plastic dividers with label areas on 2 sides which are erasable. If you are going to stack papers, this system will help keep your pile neat and tidy. The plastic dividers will help in keeping sorted piles separated, but I'm just not getting a warm fuzzy by stacking stuff. Hey, if you are a passionate paper pile person, then for about $20 give the PileSmart Organizer Tray system a shot.

Now, the Pendaflex PileSmart View Folders are getting closer to my organizing performance and love. These clear poly folders include write-on labeling tabs. The claim that the textured surface will prevent piles from slipping is a bit weak. The folders do holds up to 75 sheets of letter size paper and fit into hanging folders (YEAH!! For vertical filing). For about $10, these folders will do the trick in keeping your papers in order and protect them from any liquid spillage that is bound to occur at some point.

Finally, we come to the PileSmart Binder Clips. These babies are brightly colored and designed to clip up to 100 sheets of paper together. The built-in write and erase labels are visible even when documents are stacked in piles, which will save you time when you're trying to figure out what is in the stacks. Too bad Pendaflex put their brand name on one side of the writing tab, it would be nice to have the option to label either side of the tab. Since you could then hang (yeah, vertically) the clipped stacks of papers on a hook to display for easy use. Bottomline, I do like the PileSmart Binder Clips and for about $4 for a pack of 6, they are an inexpensive tool in helping organize your papers.

It needs to be noted that being a professional organizer, Pendaflex sent me these new products to review in exchange for a $20 gift card. My thoughts are completely my own. I'd like to say I love this new product, but overall it misses my style of organizing.

What organizing product do you find misses the mark?

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Anonymous said...

Love your honesty. I always wondered if product reviews need to always be positive. Thank you for stating your opinion.

Pilesmarter, just doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Making piles is what gets everyone into trouble. right?