Monday, July 19, 2010

Transforming a Woman One Breath at a Time

"I want you to help me breathe again."

Such a powerful statement from a "Carol" a hoarder who is ready to make some changes in her home.

Carol tells me she always had a lot of items and knick-knacks around her home. Though when her husband past away several years ago, her home spun out of control. She struggled to let anything go. Empty bottles and boxes piled up, papers began to stack on their own and clothing was everywhere. Carol no longer let anyone into her home.

I was the first in over 5 years.

Carol was extremely nervous about having someone, let alone a professional organizer, enter her home, though she was ready to make some changes. She cautiously showed me through each room, her bedroom and bathroom were off-limits for viewing. Beautiful little home, yeah there was a bit much inside, but as we walked through Carol began to relax a little. She was just thankful to have someone that could help her.

See, Carol was completely overwhelmed at what her home had become. She also understood doing this on her own would not work for her, because it hasn't in the past. As we sat and chatted a bit about how to break down this daunting project into small bits and bites, ways Carol could work on getting organized on her own and be successful.

When I returned 2 weeks later, AMAZING! Carol had her organizing homework assignments done, plus more items for me to remove for recycling. She was so excited to see me, proud of all she had accomplished.

You could see the confidence grow in Carol's eyes, she was sitting taller and smiling. Even got a bit of a chuckle out of her which was awesome!

Because you cannot laugh, if you can't breathe.

What area in your home is choking you?

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