Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Would You Let a Professional Organizer Handle Your Husband's Tools?

Surprise organizing projects are exciting!

"Carol" asked me to get her husband's tools organized as a surprise for Father's Day. This was a project he has talked about doing for quite some time, alas finding the time to organize the area never seem to happen.

Every time Carol's husband went to start a home project, he had to climb over and dig through his supplies. It was frustrating because he was constantly wasting time looking for the tools he needed. And when his project was finished, he pretty much just set his tool wherever he could balance them without everything tumbling to the ground.

Now, touching a man's tools is nearly as dangerous as messing with a woman's closet, especially if they do not know. Carol gave me some guidance on what her husband would like, then pretty much let me loose to work some organizing magic.

Nearly everything was removed from the area and grouped into like groups; paints, power tools, cords, fasteners, tapes, etc. The shelving was slid together a bit to save floor space and EVERYTHING went back onto the shelves.

Seriously, there was a small grocery bag of scrap papers and broken items removed. That was it. Hey, I know better than tossing out a man's tool without asking. The results was pretty remarkable.

Carol was so excited with the results. Better yet, her husband was pleasantly shocked at his newly organized tool room. Hooray!!

What project would you love to be done for you?


Sames Blogs said...

Oh, it looks great. A friend of mine invited me to organize her garage, a large portion being her husbands tools, plus tools and supplies he had inherited from his father and her father. Quite the assortment. Fortunatly, there was a lot of space, making it an easy job for me. But being a bit nervous as this would be a suprise to him. But when he arrived home and was happy when given a tour or his new garage, there was satisfaction along with relief.
I also gave my hubby an organizing coupon for his V-day gift, to organize his tool space. When I finally got to the job, I was amazed and proud to see how organized he really was, so I only had a few small things to put into containers for easier access, the rest of already done. Way to go DH!
Mindy Lu

Angie Weid said...

@Mindy - Awesome story. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day!