Thursday, December 17, 2009

SNAP! Did Not See This Coming

That's how I would describe the feeling of what happened.

Went from my son's 5 year old birthday party to "I'm having an affair and I want a divorce" the very next morning. My life began spinning out of control.

Hey. I did not sign up for this.
Can I get a refund? mulligan? some store credit?
Ya' gotta give me something.

Everything seem to be stripped away from me as my ex-husband's affair burst out, through the divorce process and dealing with the aftermath of it all. Like so many newly divorced women, I pretty much felt trampled and at a lost of the future.

That was 5 years ago.

The divorce might have been the best thing I ever did for myself because not only did I gain myself back, life just feels better.

In the past 5 years I have:
-Two amazing young men.
We so ROCK!!
-Started our own business
(Our = me & my boys)
-Jumped off a 50 ft cliff into the ocean in Jamaica
-Spontaneous road trip to Chicago for Christmas (twice)
-Travelled the Florida Keys and Cancun, just me and my boys
-My very own 7 piece drum set to jam on
-Solo soul-searching trips to Key Largo and Cancun
-Gone to dozens of concerts including backstage on the Paul Simon tour buses
-Rolled down a mountain in Alaska
-Introduced my boys to the art of road trips: Michigan UP, Cleveland, Mammoth Caves, Louisville, St. Louis, Indy ...
-Journeyed to Australia
-Built homes in Guatemala
-Learned to scuba dive (and dive in 35 degF water)
-Won the Toledo 20 Under 40 Award
-Laid on the white sand bottom at 105 ft below surface
and just listened to my heartbeat in Bonaire
-Regained my friends and made so, so many more
-Created this blog
-Shot a video whose rooster call audio is featured
on Andrew Zuckerman's website
-A beautiful home in a perfect neighborhood
-Realized I am a rocket scientist
-Less money and more freedom

So, if you are in the midst of chaos in your life, rest assured that it is all for the good. Because no matter what happens, it will add to you. I know it pretty much sucks now.

Know that you will come back stronger than ever.

What have you done in 5 years?


ThunderBass said...

Angie - I could not have said it better. And in this season where the hurt of so many people is compounded by the belief that they're 'supposed' to be happy, your words are especially refreshing. We all need to remember that no matter how dark it may be in our lives right now, the sun WILL come out again and we will bask in the warmth it will provide.


Lisa Laskey said...

Having experienced my own whiplash moment, I can honestly share your sentiment that life - or 'me' - is now more of 'me', if that makes sense. Yes, it has been terribly difficult as I am one stubborn chick when it comes to absorbing some lessons, but overall, I would not change a moment. My life is full and I am full. The greatest gift is that my children know that they are loved, and that anything is possible when one perseveres - with humility and laughter and a few tears along the way. It really is okay. Thanks for sharing your blog; I have one too - it's just not public yet :)

Anonymous said...

You are Awesome Angie!! That list is soooo short compared to what you have done. I still chuckle about you marrying a guy named Nimrod, thankful you divorced the self-centered prick, too! Keep up the great work you do. You are destin for greatness.

Angie Weid said...

Looks like I hit a chord with many on this post with all the Facebook comment and Tweets. Just sharing my story in the hope to help another person look for the light at the end of their dark tunnel.

@thunderbass - Thank you for your kinds words.

@Lisa - I'm gonna have to make a trip to ATL. Too many people I know are living there now. Thank you to you too.

@anonymous - Thanks to you, as well for popping in. Easy on ol' Nim...

Anonymous said...

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SOUL said...

you and those boys just rock-- and y'all know it--
lotsa lessons learned-- and isn't that what life's all about?
that's when life gets good-- when you don't have to repeat the lessons.
once you learn -- you get to move on to the good stuff :))
rock on-

Writing Without Periods! said...

Five a blog, wrote a book, had it published, thinking about retirement, moved...wondering now what happened to 5 years.

SOUL said...

merry christmas baby!!!

Angie Weid said...

@Soul - Thanks baby!! We are rockin'!

@Mary - Congrats on your continued accomplishments. Here's to 5 more years of success.