Sunday, December 27, 2009

Organizing ATTACK!!!

It is the aftermath of the holiday festivities and time to get organized for the New Year.

Your hope is that there were no causalities in the mountains of wrapping paper: a lost gift card, assembly instructions or the one screw that holds together the brand new toy together. As all those new items begin to make their way to their new home, you realize ... uh, where am I going to put all this stuff?

Now is the perfect moment to look at what you are really using. As you attempt to put your new clothes into your closet or drawers, think about taking out at least 2 older items for each new one. By sorting out a few older items, there will be much more room for your new sweater to fit neatly. All your older not-so-soft-anymore socks will be gone, with space for those new these-are-my-new-favorite socks.

Perhaps you also got some new bath products, so you need to take the time to look through your bathroom cabinets and baskets and let go of those items, too. This also applies to the other areas of your home. Taking the time now to purge through the old to bring in the new will save you stress of working on it later.

It may seem like it is just easier to shove the new in with the old. Frankly, it is ... though only right now. Because later you are going to need to dig through the overstuffed drawers, closets and shelves to find something and that is not easy and it waste your time and energy.

So, take a deep breath,
... and slowly let it out.
(repeat until you are ready)

Work at letting go of some of the old and getting your new stuff put away neatly and organized. You will feel so much better.

What did you lose in your pile of wrapping paper?

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Writing Without Periods! said...

Thank you for the great ideas about organizing after Christmas. So true about getting rid of things when new ones come in.