Monday, March 31, 2008

Your Personal Treasure Hunt

Beautiful sunny days.
Warm solid hugs.
Laughter of kids playing outside.

Those a a few things that pop into my head that make me feel good. I've been playing a little game lately by myself using everyone that I come across during the day. From the moment I wake up in the morning with my boys, to the person pumping gas across from me, onto the guy in the car that cut me off, and the lady I held the door for as she entered a store.

The game is simple.

1.As you come across people during the day, acknowledge at least one positive quality that they brought to you.
2. The object is to find that quality that you find attractive.
3. As soon as you identify it, write it down.

Examples from my list:
Made me laugh
Said "thank you"
New client excited about working with me
Helped me make a connection
Taught me patience
Cooked a great meal
Beautiful eyes

This "game" will result in a list of qualities you treasure.
Treasures you desire in your life and business.
These traits are perfect for you to have and attract.
You are limited by only how much treasure you can amass.

As you acknowledge more and more positive treasures in your daily life, the negative events become smaller and smaller. Until they become simply a minor bumps in the road and perhaps create a moment for you to enjoy the little bumpy ride in life.

Spend a day on your personal treasure hunt.
What qualities did you find for yourself?


Cheryl Engfer said...

I try to always find the positives, this is good Ang.

Why may I ask are you up at this hour?

Angie Weid said...

Cheryl, You do always find the positives. That's one thing I love about you!

Oh, just playing with the time.

Unknown said...


Loved your tips on finding the good in people. I also try to learn something from others especially if we disagree. For what it's worth.