Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Organizing NASCAR

Linda Parker, Remax Preferred Associates, asked me to share some organizing tips with her TNT group this morning, which was a lot of fun. Then we headed to her home to get her home office organized.

I visited Linda about two weeks ago and chatted about her goals for her office, leaving her with some organizing "homework" before I returned for the project. She did a great job sorting through a couple boxes of papers giving us some added space to get organizing.

We worked on organizing her business materials and supplies. I would pullout a stack and have Linda sort through the items: Toss, Shred, Keep. As she finished a stack, I handed her another one. I dusted the cabinets and organized the papers and supplies as the project went along.

Her NASCAR collection was nicely displayed along the shelving near the ceiling, but her growing collection had taken over the top of a dresser. I suggested some bracketless shelves to display these items instead of a dresser top.

As we wrapped up the project for the day, Linda and I talked about her next set of organizing "homework" to be completed before I come back to work on "The Other Side." (look for that post in April)

I collect sand from all my adventures: Guatemala, Mexico, various Carribean islands, Alaska and many other US states. I have a cabinet that it is displayed.

How do you display your collection?


Anonymous said...

I collect jewelry -- in a jewelry box! ;) Does that count?

SOUL said...

you thought i'd forget-- but i didn't hahahahahahah

THANK GOD for calenders !!!
see, i'm organized.. sorta

hope you have a wonderful day--(birthday)

SOUL said...

you know i'll feel like a real idiot if i'm off a day or two!
i know i'm close tho

Angie Weid said...

Leasa -> Jewelry in a box totally counts!
Soul -> You're right on, Thanks! My birthday has been great.

SOUL said...

PHEW! good. :))

did you get anything good? did your kids make you cool stuff?
did you have a hot date?
what'd ya do?

soooo glad i didn't screw up-- :))