Friday, March 14, 2008


My good friend, Cheryl Engfer, and I kicked off the SE Michigan chapter of the Women's Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) the beginning of this year. WEN SEMI has been so much fun for both of us.

This month's meeting we were very excited to have Rebecca Regnier from 13 ABC-WTVG, Toledo be our guest speaker. She shared some secrets to marketing your business in the media. GREAT information! Thank you Rebecca.

Here's a couple little clips that aired on the news from this event:
(I edited them together with some info slides at the end)

WEN is such a great fun and supportive organization.
Thank you to the "3 Lindas."
You ladies ROCK!!

What organization do you belong to that just makes you feel good?


Cheryl Engfer said...

Very cool. You did a great job linking the 2 together.

How do I link it to my blog? There must be an ancient chinese secret I think LOL

I smell worms

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl Engfer said...

Very random comment there from Celular....tell him you'd visit his blog if you could read the damn thing! LOL ummmmmm we speak English

I smell worms

SOUL said...

hello there grippy toes !!!

ya know-- cellular paid me a visit too-- but he was webcam at my place-- i don't have the nerve to click his link-- do you???

happy tuesday--