Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Story of the Blog

Recently a fellow Bloggin' Friend, Debby Peters, tagged me to answer a few questions about my blog. I love these little memes.

What is the story behind the name of your blog? "I Organize You" is my website address, without the www. and .com in the beginning and end. My intention is for this blog to be about organizing, but sometimes I gotta share a life story. Plus, I'm not all about organizing. I'm more about having fun and enjoying life.

Why did you start out blogging in the first place? I started my blog after a Certified Networker class, thanks Debby. Not sure what I was going to talk about here. Then this creature has kinda developed into a great resource for me to share projects, client stories, tips and tricks ... and anything else that drifts into my little head. My hope is that you enjoy my thoughts and stories, perhaps find some encouragement. Definitely a smile along the way.

What is your best blogging experience? Your worst? It's all good. I have been contacted by Good Housekeeping Magazine, couple TV stations, made connections with other professional organizers, and most importantly have some great new bloggin' friends around the world! People tell me they love my blog and the stories I share. For that I am quite thankful.

I don't know about a bad experience. SPAM is just MAPS backwards. And maps can take you places. If I get spam (which I don't very much), no big deal. Guess if someone thinks they will gain from being exposed through me, so be it. It's a compliment.

What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008? Like everything I do: "It only gets better baby!" I believe Oprah will find my blog and enjoy this little diamond in the rough.

Who I'm tagging?

What's a tidbit from your story?


Cheryl Engfer said...

I hope Oprah is guided toward your blog, its the best and I try to check it everyday.

You did offer to help me with mine, I think I'm going to take you up on that in hopes I will have the time to keep at it.

What is tagging?

Angie Weid said...

Cheryl - I forgot you started a blog. I'll have to link you in. I'd love to help you with it! Tagging is a way of challenging someone to a post. Consider yourself tagged to answer these questions on your blog.
Have a great day Candy Cane!

Cheryl Engfer said...

okay Rubber Duckie, my blog is BedfordMomOf2
Lola helped me with the color pallet let me know what you think.