Thursday, March 27, 2008

Radio Gig

Ha Ha Ha .... very funny.
I've got laryngitis, again.
(let me know when you are done laughing ... really, c'mon that's enough)

I've been avoiding some phone calls this week because my voice sounds pretty rough.

Last week I did have my voice and was on the radio!
My first radio appearance on WPOS 102.3 FM was last week. So much fun!

I spent about one hour chatting with CJ during her show, "The Chat Room!" We talked about getting organized and went through the list of 10 Ten Minute Tasks.

I'm working on getting the audio clip to post on here, having a bit of technical difficulties with it....rrrrr, I'll figure it out.

Talking on radio is a lot tougher than I thought. I have a new respect for all the radio DJs out there.

BIG thank you to CJ for having me on the air with her!!

Now, I think if I stop talking so much my vocal chords would heal a bit quicker. There are some pretty bad colds out there this season.

Have you been hit by a brutal cold this season?


SOUL said...

that is the coolest thing ever!
congrats! you're becoming a star!
now all ya need to do is get your butt on SURVIVOR!!!!
it'll happen if you pursue it-- and i just cannot WAIT to watch!!

aaaand umm.. i forgot the question. hmmm. well. i bet you arent surprised.

happy friday!!!!

OH!-- a bad cold-- yes i did-- the flu! UGH.. first time in like 30 YEARS for me. oooh it was vicious. stay well !

Angie Weid said...

Thanks Soul! Perhaps we should unite and bombard CBS. I would not be quitting the show like so many are this season.

Peace Baby!!