Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Love

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

12 Birthday cards
6 Text message greetings
8 email cards
dozen or so Happy birthday phone calls

That is a lot of birthday love!

The day started out with "Birthday celebration breakfast" as Jacob exclaimed, which entailed party pancakes (pancakes with sprinkles and swirling chocolate chips), banana pancakes for me, 1 lb of sausage and 1 lb of bacon, chocolate milk in 'fancy' glasses. What was left after this onslaught of food ... a few small party pancakes. Scares me to think what these boys will eat in their teens.

After clearing the driving of snow, again, and a bit of playing in the snow, I headed off to the gym for an amazing workout, a fantastic business meeting and some shopping.

Picked up some pizza for dinner, the boys made me an awesome birthday cake with help from my mom. Home to a relaxing moment in the hottub. Kids in bed at 8pm, little surprise visit from someone special (yep, Soul, a "hot date").

Just an absolutely wonderful day! Would not change anything about the day ... well, I am getting sick of the snow.

Birthday month is not over yet, still 21 days to celebrate. Then all the attention will turn toward Leasa, who also takes the month of April to celebrate her birthday. We are seaking someone to sign up for May celebrations. Anyone out there?

What are your plans for your birthday?


SOUL said...

woo hoo !!! nuthin like a hot date on your birthday--
did ya wear your birthday suit?
just kiddin-- :))

sounds like a really good day---

ya know-- i meant to send you a card-- but i hate to say this
i forgot. :((
but hey-- at least i remembered to say somethin. :))

happy tuesday girl !

i have a april birthday.. seems most people i know have a march bday...


Angie Weid said...

We will add you to the list of April birthday celebrations!

SOUL said...