Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring Clutter B Gone

Spring must be here now.
Birds are waking me up in the morning.
Neighborhood kids are playing and laughing outside.
I'm rushing home to OPEN the windows and get some fresh air into our home.

This month we all begin to thing about spring cleaning, which is what my latest advertising with the Toledo Free Press is about. The "in your face organizing" advertisement is meant with good intentions to say I'm here to help you get your project done.

Perhaps last Fall or Summer or ... uh, Spring ... you were going to get your garage organized, basement cleaned out or your closets purged. Now is the time! Getting that project going, you will feel soooo much better when it is complete.

What project has slipped through on getting done?


SOUL said...

my walls are still nekkid! :((


happy tuesday!

Anonymous said...

dont ask!!!!! lol

Angie Weid said...

@Soul - STILL nekkid?! Well, my bedroom has been in a state of 'I'm gonna paint this room' for 2 months now. Kinda driving me nuts.

@jyankee - Glad to see you back. Love your new blog look!