Friday, April 25, 2008

A Farrah Fawcett Glamor Head

"OMG! Is that a Farrah Fawcett Glamor Head?
I must get a picture of that!"

Then Andrea and I just laughed at not only how unglamorous Farrah was looking, also, why did she still have Farrah after 20+ years.

Andrea needed help with her extra storage unit. These storage facilities have a quite useful function: say you're moving or having home remodeling done and need some temporary storage. Not so functional if you are using the space to store stuff that just doesn't fit into your home - costly too, mininum $100/month.

In Andrea's case it is a bit of the later, though she is also storing some memoribila from her mother's home. She had me help her sort through all these boxes and find out what is hidden.

Andrea took pictures of all the family items to see if anyone wants something in particular. She has a ton of older items that an antique dealer may be interested in purchasing.

We had a beautiful, sunny day to pull out all the boxes and see what was inside. Then organized Andrea's family items to the right side of the storage unit and her personal items to the left. I hauled away all the now empty cardboard boxes to Kroger for recycling. Andrea loaded up her SUV with the 4 bags of trash.

Now, Andrea will return to sort through the remainder of the items to get out of this storage unit and save some cash every month.

The fate of Farrah was not good: Her face was stained from decades of old make-up, hair twisted, matted and showing signs of balding. Farrah had seen much better days long ago. Her time had passed. The box was recycled. Farrah was not.

It's springtime! (Here in the USA)
Grab some bags & boxes to clear out your long-term storage.
You're not using it, get rid of it.
Plus, maybe you'll find a long lost toy and have a good laugh.

What made you laugh that you found in storage?


Phyllis said...

lol--the farrah head is actually holding up better than farrah, although I know she's ill. (It looks better than she did BEFORE we found out she was sick).

I have a bunch of thundercats and mask toys that are close to 25 years old...

Heike said...

What treasures we can find :)...that may have been an item for Ebay, for all the Farrah fans out there!

SOUL said...

i haven't made it that far yet-- but i have a "somethin" in my attic.. wanna come haul it off for me? :))
happy friday

Anonymous said...

My hubby bought and saved some sort of transformer superheroes in the late 80's that he saved for his son, who was born in '98. ;) Don't ask about eBay. Jr. has been playing with them for a few years now! Loves them.

Louise Kahle said...

What I am concerned about is not the fact that some women, and probably men, still have their Farrah dolls, but why are there so many women who are still wearing FARRAH HAIR!?!?

Anonymous said...

stuff I kept as my wife and I were dating... and that's all I can share about that...