Friday, March 07, 2008

Sometimes Being a Mom is Tough

Being a mom the last 24 hours has sucked. Period.

Matthew has been diagnosed with Juvenile Polyposis since he was 4.5 years old. Every year he has a colonoscopy to remove any colon polyps that develop. Today was #6. I keep thinking that the prep will be better the next year, but it is not.

First there is no solid food from the time he wakes, which to a 9.5 year old kid mine as well be starving them for a month. Then at 3pm I have to get Matthew to drink 12oz of Milk of Magnesia within 1 hour and wait for the 'fun' to begin.

Well, Matthew couldn't drink the stuff. (can ya blame him?)
I'm balling my eyes out for forcing him.
He's throwing it up.
(Hey, my kitchen floor is now clean)

The test went good, only 4 polyps. Matthew was awesome. He is one strong little man. I cannot imagine what Matthew will accomplish in his life.

He's one tough kid, and I am incredibly proud of him.

Anyone over 50 yrs old out there and haven't had your colonoscopy? What's your excuse?


Drottning M said...

thank you for your comment, dear co-blogger. I searched for some translation device but swedish is not just what the world wants to understand. hmm...I thought sweden was the center of the world, isn't it???

well, lots of hugs and kisse anyway - love is above language, luckily!


Anonymous said...

wow.... he is one strong little guy.... it is not fun stuff...even for adults...but he's a little trooper. these things are almost harder on the parents than on the person themselves...! hang in there...both of you!

SOUL said...

wow--- what a tough little dude --- i feel awful for both of you. prepping really is the worst part-- then ya just wake up-- and EAT.
i have never heard of a young kid having this--- the polyps ARE benign right? i hope.

i hope you're both feelin better today


Cheryl Engfer said...

Poor lil dude. What a toughy he is. I don't blame him for throwing the shit up, I would too.

Hugs to you both!!

Angie Weid said...

Thank you for all the blog love!
Matthew's polyps have all been benign.

SOUL said...

have a good day today --