Friday, October 19, 2007

Making a Home

Helping senior citizens is my target market.

And working with people like "Bob" is one reason why ... I love my job!

Bob happily lived in his home for over 30 years, then he got very sick earlier this summer. To the point of being in a coma for 4 months. He is recovering quite well now, though he can no longer live in his home. Bob's sister lives a few hours away and has a job. Getting away to help Bob with his home is very tough.
That is where I come in.

After a bit of friendly insistence, Bob agreed to meet me at his home and see how I can help him. Bob had not been in his home since May. I felt humbled that I was there to see him struggle to step into his home. He realized immediately that there was no way he could live there. Bob started pointing out pictures/paintings/nick knacks that he want me to bring to his apartment the next day.

I went back to Bob's home.
Collected all the items he wished.
Brought them to his new apartment.
And began to hang 20+ pictures for him.

"WOW! This feels like home!" Bob yelled.
Dang, that made me feel good.

Bob went from a person who had no interest in meeting me to hassling me while I hang pictures around his apartment.
(told him if he wasn't careful I was going to raise my rate)

I will be giving Bob a call next Friday, after his sister removes the items she wants from his home. He wants me to clean out the place, get it ready for sale. It's going to be a big project.
Look for future posts.

What client has reminded you of WHY you love your job?

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