Monday, October 22, 2007

New Possibilities

The Center For Improved Living is a blog I visit nearly everyday. Starting the day with an odd question gets me thinking of something I just would not have thought about. These are really fun questions!

Invent a new Ramen Noodle Flavor
What are you very peculiarly particular about?
If you were a skunk what would be the first thing you would spray?
If you had to choose between a pirate, ninja, or viking for a roommate, who would you choose?

I believe it is important to DO and THINK about things differently.
You will feel a difference in yourself.
Don't order the same dish, at the same restaurant that you frequent. Yeah, it's your favorite, but your taste buds will thank you for the change in flavors.

Think about it.
If you are DOING and THINKING the same things all the time, don't you think you might become numb to new possibilities?

What have you got to lose?
Just try it. Pick something easy.

Me -- I'm gonna brush my teeth totally different today.

Usually, I start at the top left, work around to the right, then drop down to the bottom left, work around to the right, then a quick once around. Sounds complicated. Think about how YOU brush your teeth. Probably have done it the same way since you were 10 years old.

What are you going to do differently today?


SOUL said...

did you brush differently?
what were the results?
me? i am very resistant to change.
if you haven't noticed.

Angie Weid said...

Yes, I did brush differently. It was very weird, I had to really think about what I was doing.